Top10 most popular baby girl names

Baby girls name don’t seem to come and go so dramatically in and out of fashion as the boys names do, and there are many which have been around for centuries that are still being used today. Unlike the recent resurgence of interest in boys names that originated in the bible, the top girls names don’t tend to change that much, just the order they appear in alters. There are no surprise additions to the top ten just names that have been slowly increasing in popularity and are now at the top of the tree.

The number one name in the top 10 list of most popular baby girl names for 2013 is Ava, a name that has been popular in America for decades, dating back to the golden days of Hollywood and the screen starlet Ava Gardner. This name has been creeping up the list for a few years and is now officially the most popular name in the UK for baby girls.

In second place is Freya, a name of Scandinavian origin that was thought unusual just a couple of years ago but has seen such a surge of interest that it is threatening for the top spot. Ella is in third spot, another name that started life as a shortened version of Gabriella and is now a name in its own right. Ellie has been popular for years but is now losing out to Ella as it no longer appears in the top ten names after being a firm fixture for years.

Imogen, meaning maiden, in 4th place and has Irish/Gaelic origins and is a long standing favourite with British mums likewise Grace, in 5th, a name that has never really gone out of fashion and is currently very much in vogue as parents are looking at names with feminine meanings, and they don’t come much more so than Grace.

Amelia and Olivia are in 6th and 7th place respectively, two names hugely popular in Victorian times that have stood the test of time to become popular again in the 21st century. Mia and Scarlett, on the other hand, are very modern, in the UK at least, although both have been popular overseas for decades, and many will recognise Scarlett as the heroine from Gone With The Wind which was written in the US back in 1936. These names take the 8th and 9th positions in the list.

In 10th place is Eva, a name many will associate with a great aunt or Grandma as it was a very popular name for girls born in the first half of the 20th century. It has the same meaning as Ava; life or animal and it is one of the many derivatives of the biblical name Eve, others of which include Evie and Evita. The English versions are clearly out of favour as far as this name is concerned as Ava rules the roost while Eva barely scrapes into the top 10.

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